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Pivot, Then Pivot Again

Every designer has visions of running their own design consultancy. It’s almost like a rite of passage as you exit tertiary education to dream up

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Virtimachi Is Now On Discord

The old lines of communication are no longer the only ways we communicate. At Virtimachi we endeavour to be available and accessible in all the ways and means that work for you. As such, we’re now available on Discord.

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What Can Industrial Design Do For Your Medical Device?

The compartmentalised medical device development methods of the past are history. Once, engineers would engineer, then the designers would take over design, before marketers would market. In the last decade however, customers have become more sophisticated, and products multi-faceted.

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So What Is Virtimachi?

Well, it’s a name. But more than a name, to us it’s an embodiment of our belief in what medical device design is, and our commitment to the industry.

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